Ok. I need help/advise/wisdom from anyone who's been out on the 4000 footers recently. We would like to hike Saturday. We were thinking Moriah, but I'm unsure of the conditions. Are there any 4000 footers out there that won't drive me to insanity with the mix of trail conditions right now? I would prefer not to posthole, and would be willing to bring the snowshoes (although I would love to not have to) if there's something out there that might be doable right now. Most trail reports have some kind of iffy snow on the higher elevations, and I had a miserable time last time we were out falling in up to my hips/knees and not getting anywhere fast! We'd like to do a 4000 footer that we haven't already done, so there's a few that are out of the question.

Long story short, what would you suggest? Anyone?