Let's get a new contest going. Guess the date when the summit will have the highest temperature in the month of June based on the daily F6 report.

The F6 report can be found at


- On the daily F6 report the column labeled "MAX" for temperature will be the official data source.

- Entries (guesses) can be made starting now.

- All entries must be made and dated by this forum to be no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, June 7th.

- Employees of any company claiming to be able to alter the weather are not allowed to win. They may enter if they wish.

- If a date has been selected by more than one person, only the first entry will be valid.

- Once a guessed date has passed, that entry is no longer valid.

- If the actual date is not guessed, then the person who guesses the next calendar date is the winner.

- The winner will receive a hearty round of applause from all participants and lurkers.