I have been in the Adirondacks as of late so pardon me if they are my subject.
Great hike up to Unca's Cliff in Hague. It is in the Silver Bay YMCA property. Access from Woodside Cottage on Route 9 Silver Bay (west side of lake). Park across road outside YMCA maintenance yard. Look for register behind cottage. About 1 mile to the Uncas Cliff and maybe 600' elevation. There will be some signs early on trail. The trail merges into an old tote road. Leave tote road and follow white trail up through the woods. Great view of the lake from Gulls Bay to Hewletts Landing . Continue on to a cairn about 100 yards more. Another good view. Shortly after there is a spur trail to Uncas Waterfall which is downhill. (smallish but good place to cool off) Continue uphill from Uncas WF and the tote road you are now on will merge back into the "white trail". After a bit you will merge into the Lost Pond Trail. Go right. Follow red markers downhill along stream and this will bring you back to the white trail. Go left to return to trail head.