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Thread: What foods in your hiking pack?

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    Default What foods in your hiking pack?

    I was thinking this weekend, while packing my lunch for a day hike, how my choice of foods to bring along has evolved over time. Some food items, I have always taken with me on hikes where as others, I have seen other hikers eating and thought it would be a great item to have for lunch while hiking. In some of those cases, I have adopted them as normal items I bring along. So, my question to you forum members is what are your favorite food items that you consistently take on a day hike (not an overnight hike as I'm sure your choices would be different)?

    This is what you can commonly find in my rucksack:

    2 Clementine's (adopted)
    1 Banana (have always brought along - my wife substitutes in an apple)
    1 Peanut Butter Sandwich (have always brought along, but I experiment with different breads to mix it up)
    1 Small Bag of Chex Mix (have always brought along)
    1 Small Bag of Flavor Blast Gold Fish Crackers (adopted)
    1 Fiber One Bar (have always brought along)
    1 Small Bag of Trail Mix (the good, but bad kind from Target, with chocolate covered caramel balls, m&ms and cashews! very, very delicious)

    Please understand that my wife and I share all of the bagged food and we typically carry food back with us too. I didn't want anyone out there to think I ate ALL of this food in one hike! I just ensure I have more than enough...just in case.

    So what do you bring?

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