Hello I am a 65 year old man in ill health, my doctor told me to do things I always wanted to do, in other words with the little time you have left.

I certainly can't hike but I do ride motorcycle at least for short trips. Tomorrow I have a room booked at a motel in Bethel, my plan is to get checked in and then ride to Mount Washington. I don't know much about it, but I have seen bumper stickers that said this car has been to the top of Mount Washington or words similar, so I am thinking if you can do it with a car you should be able to do it with a motorcycle.

Any helpful hints would be nice, I don't think I will check my email after about 9:00 am tomorrow. Yes it isn't that far to the motel a little over a hundred miles and then they say another 30 minutes to Mount Washington. My plan is to get to the motel about 1:00 and hopefully be able to check in, take a nap and then get to do the Mount Washington thing in and back before dark.