As many of you know my Dad's name is Earl, so Hunter and I thought we would seek out the Hurricane with such a familiar name.

We walked to Coast Guard Beach in North Eastham from our house in search of Earl.

We could not find him.

It was a nice walk to the beach, but no signs of an approaching hurricane.

We have experienced those before. This wasn't it. Oh well.

Ah. but what we did find was that all beach access was restricted by the National Seashore. Yikes! We just wanted to visit the beach.

It was deemed too dangerous by the National Park Rangers.

However, with a little extra effort we made it to the beach.

We were the only ones there. Wow.

Remember, this is one of the most visited beaches in the world.

It was a great day out even if the Hurricane pulled a no show.

To the beach:

Merging with the bike path:

Wait just a minute:


Almost there:

Made it:

No one at the beach today: