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Thread: Trekking Poles Opinions

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    I ended up buying a pair of Colemans at Target for 29 dollars. So far so good for day hikes. So I have a story. My neighbor at Lake George NY, Bob, grew up in Queens, a real city boy. Real Big city boy. But he has been coming up here for years. He's hiked climbed hunted fished all over. He used to jog over the mt every weekend after a hard weeks work as a lineman(Con Ed) and a 5 hour drive. His kids were drug to the top of many mountains carrying blueberry buckets etc. The local old timers around here who have turned their hand at about everything named Bob "The Mountain Man". So Bob is in his 60's. Circulation and legs aren't what they used to be. He's exploring in a vehicle now, sometimes has to be towed off some old tote road but he's always exploring. When he gets out of the truck he uses a huge wood staff he made and can only go so far. Well tonight he tried out my trekking poles and took off like a race horse! An hour later he came by and said he did a loop around the campground for the first time in 3 years using 2 staffs. He was so excited he wants to try a hike. Stay tuned!

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    Fantastic story. It is great to hear about him getting out and we can see his smile from here.
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