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Thread: Trying to find a particular waterfall

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    Default Trying to find a particular waterfall

    A friend of mine said he saw a photo of a waterfall with water flowing down stone stairs.

    The person who showed him the picture said they were driving around in the White Mountains when they found it.

    In the photo, a woman was standing on the stairs and the water was flowing down and around her.

    I know it's not much to go on, but figured someone on here might know what it is.


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    Hello Kirk -
    I think maybe the waterfall you are looking for is called Step Falls, Newry, ME; it is in the Whites on the NH/ME border and owned by the Nature Conservancy - link below:
    According to the web site, "Step Falls is a spectacular long chain of descending horsetails, cascades and pools that lies a few miles outside of the eastern border of Grafton Notch State Park."
    The photos on the web that I've seen so far don't look like what you described, but the location and the descriptions from friends who have been there do fit with what you are seeking. I understand it is well worth the trip. You can probably find more info here (I believe they are open through October): Grafton Notch State Park, 1941 Bear River Road, Newry, ME 04261, Park season: (207) 824-2912. Also the AMC has a new guide that might help you:
    "The Appalachian Mountain Club has released its new Mahoosucs Map and Guide, covering outdoor recreation opportunities in the Mahoosuc region, which straddles the border of Maine and New Hampshire. Located northeast of the White Mountain National Forest, the Mahoosuc region offers a wide variety of four-season recreation opportunities. The map and guide features descriptions of the best trips for all abilities, from day hikes and paddling trips perfect for families, to the new 39-mile Grafton Loop Trail, and to treks along the famous "toughest mile" of the Appalachian Trail through Mahoosuc Notch."
    Good luck!
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