With the forecast of ?fall like? weather, we decided to venture out to one of our favorite hiking spots; Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. This area appeals to us for several reasons: the Appalachian Trail, the C & O Canal and the history surrounding the town of Harpers Ferry during the Civil War.

We hiked the steep trail to the summit of Maryland Heights where remnants of the old fort still stands. One can only imagine what life was like for the soldiers manning the batteries which occupied the summit.

After enjoying a snack and talking with fellow hikers we continued along the ridge and then descended to the cliffs that overlook the town. With the cool temperatures and sunny skies there were a lot of people sitting near the cliffs enjoying the view below.

We then proceeded down a herd path to Sandy Hook Road and then over the pedestrian bridge which spans the Potomac River. Once we arrived in town a stop at the local ice cream shop for some soft frozen custard seemed appropriate.

Knowing that Jibitz (aka. Mary Ellen; MEB) passed through here the first week of June we walked up the steep walkway along Potomac Street, and the many historic houses, to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Flipping through the thru hikers album we did in fact find Mary Ellen?s official picture.

Since it was still early we decided to hike thru the old campus of the former Storer College, which is now owned by the National Park Service.


This blue path eventually meets up with the Appalachian Trail. Passing Jefferson Rock and then walking through the lower section of Harpers Ferry we once again crossed over the old railroad bridge (now used by pedestrians) and back into Maryland. We estimated the total miles for the day to be 7 miles.


Mike and Donna