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    Default December snow contest

    It is time to define and start the precise guessing for December Snow Contest 2010.

    Last year in December the summit recorded 48.1 inches of snow for the whole month of December. This can be found off the Weather section of the MWO web site in the F6 report for December 2009. How much snow will be recorded on the F6 for December 2010? This is the contest. Guess/select/divine the correct amount of snow in December and you will be declared the winner of the best last contest of 2010.

    There are some rules (of course):

    1. The winner will be the person who has the closest guess to the amount of snow reported for December 2010 in the monthly F6 report.
    2. It does not matter if the closest guess is under or over the actual amount. The closest wins.
    3. Guess must be made to the tenth of an inch. Greater precision is a waste of time since you have no idea what you are doing anyway.
    4. Any contestant building a wind machine next to or close to the precip can at the summit in an attempt to prevent snowflakes from staying in the can, will be disqualified
    5. Any attempt to heat the precip can will force the Night Observer to kick you off the mountain. This holds true if you attempt to scoop snow out of the precip can.
    6. If two guesses are the same amount off from the actual amount (like, one is 0.5" over and the other is 0.5" under), then the guess which was entered first into the forum wins.
    7. Once an amount (to the closest tenth of an inch) has been taken, no other person can try to sleighride on that guess. One person per measurement, please.
    8. You may make one guess and any subsequent guesses and whining will be ignored
    9. All guesses must be made by 12:34.56 PM November 30th, 2010. Any guesses after that will be declared interesting - but, will be ignored.
    10. The person who attempted to move the mountain for the First Snow Contest is not allowed to enter in this one - even though they were not successful.

    The winner - drum roll - will get a prize. Yes, a real thing to savor. To honor and recognize a new Mt Washington Observatory partner, I will donate a 1/2 pound box of Van Otis Chocolates "Soft & Creamy Centers" to the winner.


    "1007 - Soft & Creamy Centers
    An assortment designed for all of you that just like chocolates with a soft center. (You won't have to press the bottom to find them in this assortment) You'll find a delicious variety of our cremes, jellies and other favorites here."

    Go for it folks! The race is on and the games have been declared open. Go for the chocolates - and check out their web site for possible holiday gift ideas.

    One might ask - why were the "Soft & Creamy Centers" selected for the grand prize? You all are a bunch of softies - and great supporters of the Mount Washington Observatory. Thanks - and may the best softy win.
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