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Thread: Update on lions head trail. 11/21/2010

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    Default Update on lions head trail. 11/21/2010

    Hello thank you all for your posts on the trail location. A friend of mine and I climbed mt washington via the tuckermans ravine trail to lions head trail on saturday 11/20/2010. there was a small amount of ice on the 2.5 mile trail/road up to tuckermans ravine. spikes or yak tracks are recommended. we used screws screwed into the bottom of our boots which worked great and cost 5 bucks 1/2 inch stayed out of boot and stayed in sole.

    If you didnt see the weather on that day it was 10 degrees with a chance of snow and wind chills 10-20 below and wind 70-90 mph. the hike to the top of lions head was enjoyable limited wind below the alpine zone. Once in the alpine zone we were in heavy fog and a steady snowfall which was made into white out conditions due to the wind. We ended up turning around near the top due to weather.
    on the top back on tuckermans ravine trail heading toward the summit there was a fair amount of Ice and certin spots it was hard to go up even with the spikes. We had all the ness. gear (clothes, spikes, food ect.) and having it be our first hike up and due to the white out conditions and not knowing or seeing the summit, we feel it was the safest thing to turn back better safe then lost. We will return and complete this climb befor the weather gets to bad.

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