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Thread: Where to hike for the weekend of 11/26-11/27?

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    thank you all for your generous help. we were actually just discussing the weather conditions, and will wait it out to see if next weekend is any better for the weather. I will let you all know what actually happens!

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    I think you guys are making a good choice Melvin. Sorry it didn't work out this weekend. Mountain weather has a way of interrupting our plans sometimes. Hope it works out for you next weekend. Look forward to hearing the story (and seeing the pics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I still come back to Gray Knob as an option. Not really camping outside - but it would be a lot safer - and a bit warmer though not much some times.
    2nd that and there are a tons of options for a few day treks over there with the vast number of trails RMC maintains.

    Best of luck for a safe & enjoyable hike whichever weekend it turns out to be
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melvin Glover View Post
    Hello! Let me introduce myself briefly. I'm Melvin from Chelmsford, MA and I am enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

    A couple of friends and I are looking to climb the beautiful Mount Washington this weekend, but after my research, I still don't know the best route for us at this time of the year. We are experienced in hiking and camping, but aren't looking into anything to icy. What are your suggestions on trails to hike? We want to do a 2 day-er, camping somewhere the first night.

    Also, where can I park my car overnight?

    Thanks, Melvin.
    I would ask how experienced a hiker are you ? Have you been out in this kind of weather before? If not I would hike south of the white mtns. Its gonna be cold wet and windy so if you do go to the whites I would pick a hike that is below the tree line. Also you dont want something icy. Well I would bet after the rain and sleet that has been going on there everywere is icy so if you dont have at the minimum micro spikes I would pick something else to do. Like our weather forcasting friend knapper says the mtns arent going anywere. But If you still want to hike I would do Mt isolation its 14.6 miles round trip and the trail head is rocky branch trail head on rt 16 in glenn. you can get a parking permit at right off exit 32 in lincoln get off the highway and go strait ahead you will see a white building. Were the rocky branch trail meets the mt isolation trail there is a shelter. But be very very careful crossing the rocky branch river if somebody falls in its gonna be a cold 3.6 mile walk to the car!

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