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Thread: Some Auto Roads of the extreme kind

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    Default Some Auto Roads of the extreme kind

    The History Channel started a new series last month called IRT Deadliest Roads. It's a follow on to the Ice Road Truckers series that has been on the last couple of years. The have several of the original IRT truck drivers driving trucks with supplies on the mountain roads in India and into the Himalayas. You can't believe these roads unless you see them. I get nervous driving the Mt Washington Auto Road but it's like a 10 lane superhighway compared to these things. They've got a couple of episodes online and new episodes are on Sundays at 9:00.

    Just checked the guide and they have a marathon starting at noon next Sunday (12/5) with all of the first 10 episodes back to back. Time to set my DVR...
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    I saw a couple of those shows from India. Those roads were insane!!!!

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