Hi All,

My name is Dan, and I've been a frequent visitor and viewer of the forums for a while now under dmnorthshore6. I have been working on a blog over the last several months, and finally would like to introduce it here on the forum, while using a matching username to keep uniformity for myself. my blog includes and will continue to include reports of my experiences in the White Mountains and other areas I explore. My blog includes trip reports, photos, my complete gear list, and links to my youtube videos.

I am 26 years old, and live just north of Boston. I work as a property manager for a management company managing a portfolio of condominiums. In my free time, in enjoy family and getting out to see as many places as I can.

I am grateful for the information provided on this site by the MWO staff as well as all of the regular members who post here.

I would like to invite you to check out my blog, and I open to any suggestions anyone may have to make it better.


Best Regards,

Dan M.