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We will be running a wind comparison study (summer only) to compare the record wind site, the new instrument tower, and a few other summit locations. It will be interesting to compare strong winds from different directions at different spots around the summit.

Of course, our study will use identical instruments, whereas Bill's idea for Grandfather Mtn is to compare their anemometers.

I hope that the info from the study will be available online once it's done. Mike, do you have any info like what kind of equipment you'll use, a map of where the anemometers will be located, etc?

I believe there's an article on this website somewhere that claims that the change of location in 1980 may be the reason why the observatory hasn't really come close to a 200 mph reading since the record. So the study this summer could be very interesting.

Would there be any chance of having multiple permanent anemometers year-round in the future (based on what the study returns), and visitors to the site can see both readings (or at least the higher one)?