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Funny that you should mention Everest...When we were waiting beneath the tricky, rocky part where you have to grapple onto tree roots to successfully gain purchase, we jokingly clamored "c'mon! go! move! we're gettin' frostbite down here" just like Tim and Gerrard at the base of the second step on the Discovery Channel's Everest show. The climbers above joked and laughed with us as they let us through.
The only place I know where you have to grapple on tree roots is on summer route of lions head, on the rock slabs before the traverse. Is the winter route open?? maybe the winter route has the same thing with the slabs and tree routes? I would think the traverese is filled in by now and safety is an issue. That part of lions head just below tree line is the hardest part of the climb. Especially to break trail in.