Anyone know what the weather will be in the White Mountains-Mt Washington - Concord Area this weekend? I had planned to go to Lake Winnipisaukee? (Sp?) on Sat but now it looks like its going to rain there...
so my question is will the sun be further north toward the white mountains or will it rain there too? If its going to rain in both areas I'll have to call off my trip until next weekend. this always happens whenever i plan a short vacation., the damn weather screws it up. Why couldn't it have been last weekend with clear skies? Grrrr.

If anyone knows the weather up there and the lakes region - concord or knows what I should do, should i go north for the two days...or stick with my original plan?

Would sunday be the best day to climb washington?


- Jeff

No games please, my hotel reservations are riding on this forecast - thanks for any help