Finishing the 48 - fantastic! Doing a Presidential Traverse - awesome. Doing a PT with a sunset on Madison, full moon ridge hike, full moon AND sunrise on Washington - not sure there are words to describe. Doing them all at the same time and getting to share them with your brother has got to be a day beyond what most people could ever hope for in a lifetime of hiking. So glad that everything turned out so perfectly for you. Congratulations on all your many accomplishments in the last 8-1/2 months - your reward is well earned!

All the best to Bill in his quest for the final 18. I'm sure you won't mind being there to repeat those peaks with him. I've had so much fun reading the blog, looking at the fantastic pictures and following the journey since it started. Kind of sad in a way that it's finished (which I think will be the way I'll feel when we finish the list ourselves). But when one book closes another always opens. Still hope to run into you out there on a mountain someday.

Happy trails.