This is to announce a LOW TEMPERATURE CONTEST for February.

The rules (there are always rules...)

  1. The guesses are for the lowest temperature at the summit for the month of February, 2011
  2. The source of data to determine the winner is the F6 report for February
  3. Entries can be submitted at any time up to 11:59:59 PM on February 4th, 2011
  4. Entries must be whole numbers. Any factions will be rounded by the Administrative Staff in a manner determined by the staff at the time with an objective of not creating duplicates, if at all possible. If this is not possible, the guesser will be asked to guess again.
  5. Only one entry is allowed per ID on the forum
  6. Duplicate entries will not be allowed
  7. There is no need to guess where the cold is coming from
  8. The winner is the closest guess to the F6 reported results.
  9. Any altering of the data by adding cold or warm air to the instruments is not allowed
  10. If the exact minimum temperature is not guessed, then the closest (over or under), is the winner. This means there could be two winners.
  11. All rulings by the Administrative Staff are arbitrary and final.