Hi MW Obs Folks,

I have a weather/date related question that I'm not sure if you can help me with or not. The first (and only) time I climbed Mt. Washington was either the end of August or beginning of September in 1998. I'm trying to pin down the date...but can't for some reason. I recall that day, it was nice during the day and then the Whites got a real nasty storm in the later afternoon hours. I thought (and I could be wrong) that the Ossipee area got a tornado which I recall yanked up trees all up route 16. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I Googled tornadoes in NH in 1998, but no dice. Would the observatory have an records of a tornado in running through that area in 1998? Are there any staff members that recall this? I know this is a strange question and a long shot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.