I was recently reflecting that a little more than a hundred and fifty years ago, on a bluff above the source of the Saco River, was built the world famous Crawford House Hotel, where the Appalachian Mountain Club has their Highland center at Crawford Notch. The Highland Center was built on a small portion of the footprint of the old hotel, though is also much smaller than Crawford's was. My family purchased this gem of a hotel for a steal in 1872 when it was 13 years old, and with additions, and fine management, the hotel excelled for nearly a century. The hotel firm of Asa and Oscar F. Barron are little remembered today,though a little better than a century ago they operated a firm which owned or leased five truly "Grand Hotels". They were Crawford House, Fabyan House, Mt. Pleasant House, Twin Mountain House, and the Summit and Tip Top house on Mt Washington. They were all five in the town of Bretton Woods, then Carrol N.H. My family took the reigns from the hands of the Crawford's,
who were innovative frontiersmen, though not businessmen. I am not tooting my own horn, as I obviously was less than a thought in their minds. I am however very proud to have the honor of knowing that the same blood that beat in their hearts then, still beats in mine and my children's today . They left a legacy of eighty years of ownership by one family, as Wlliam Barron said, of unequaled excelence.