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    Default Short URLs for your STP Page

    This year the fine folks at the Obs have given us a whole new system for our fundraiser pages, with all kinds of cool new features. One of the downsides is that it has the long urls to get to the page, not something so easy to print on a card or post on your page or add to your email sigs.

    If you're familiar with URL shortening services like TinyURL or Bitly, they can give you a nice short link that forwards to the full url. The downside is that you get back a url that is not nearly as nice.

    The company I work for has developed a commercial version of these services that allows companies to come up with and manage exactly what the tiny url is, thus keeping some sort of branding in place that these links convey. This service is called ShortSwitch.

    The project managers have allowed me to set up an account for Seek the Peak participants. A couple of us have already started testing it. (Erich's page) (Brad's page)

    Now that we've gotten things figured out, we can open things up to the rest of the fine STP folks here to get your own ShortSwitch URL! If you would like one set up for you, simply reply to this thread with the full link to your active STP page and what you want as your token (the part after the /, mine is kilted). The token can be anything you want, long or short, letters and/or numbers. Once its set up, I'll reply with the new link.

    Disclaimer: This service is NOT associated or sponsored or connected to MWO in any other way than my company is allowing me to do this gratis. If you have any questions or comments about the system, please send them to me and NOT to anyone at MWO.
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