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Thread: If They Had A Million Dollars...

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    Default If They Had A Million Dollars...

    Actually, the Observatory only needs to raise about $40,000 in about 9 days... before their fiscal year ends on April 30th... Please keep reading!

    As you may know, the Observatory is a private, non-profit, member-supported organization - the majority of their funding comes from donations from individuals, not from corporations, foundations, or the government, as many people might think.

    Here are some facts and figures regarding what it takes to operate the summit facilities, as well as the valley infrastructure that supports and promotes the Observatory - these numbers are based on an average year...

    Over $10,000 to maintain and operate the valley and summit museums...

    Over $18,000 in food for the summit staff and guests...

    Over $20,000 in postage and related fees, even though, many communications are now conducted digitally...

    Over $30,000 in expenses for the purchase of scientific instruments and the maintenance of this website...

    And perhaps you think that your electric bill is high? Consider the fact that the Observatory's is over $60,000 a year!

    It costs approximately $370,000 to operate the summit Observatory in the average year!

    Interestingly, about $200 of that is spent on snow shovels to replace the ones that the mountain eats each season!

    To hear all of this, and more, straight from the horse's mouth, please watch the video below:

    Now think about it... If you enjoy what the Observatory offers to you - whether it be this website, the forums, the web cams, the forecasts, the educational programs, the research, or something else, please consider making a donation in support of their efforts on our behalf. If we don't, one day, all of these programs and benefits could simply disappear, along the with the Observatory itself.

    No current summit conditions. No higher summits forecast. No forums. No web cams. No Marty. No Weather Discovery Center. No Seek the Peak. No valley forecast. All, gone.

    Isn't it worth something to you to help keep this opportunity alive, both for your benefit, but also for the benefit of children, the general public, and future generations? The Observatory has been around for over 77 years, and it is up to us to help keep it strong!

    To illustrate a point, please consider this - there are over 10,000 registered forum members, and though not all of them are frequent visitors, if just 500 of us gave $10 each (or $20, $30, $50, and up), we could easily raise $5,000 or more!

    Please keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible, and that regardless of amount, all donations eventually add up - even if you can only give a little bit, please do it!

    Here are just a few of the ways in which you can help the Observatory continue to help us...

    Membership - if you aren't a member, please become one...

    Donations - whether they be one-time, memorial, recurring, or in tribute... Also, please remember that your employer may match your donation, and that you don't have to give now - you can give after you are gone, via planned giving...

    Thank you!

    Ed O'Malley
    Member, Summit Volunteer, Forum Moderator, and Seek the Peak Fundraiser

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    I look at the web cameras every day - I check the forums for the latest posts - I read the Observer's Comments. So, if I paid $1 for each of those every day . . . That means I should donate at least $1,095 a year to the Observatory. Are you doing your "fair share"?
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