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    Default Traveling Way South of New Hampshire

    Please understand up-front that the flowers shown in the photo below were not photographed at a New Hampshire location. These photos were taken last week (18-25 April, 2011) when my wife and I traveled way south of New Hampshire to visit family located in the States of Delaware and North Carolina.

    In neither location did I have the opportunity to do much in the way of hiking. However, from the few rambles that I did at both locations, I can report the Spring Season has definitely "sprung" in the southern States! Plants are in full bloom, the grass is green, and most folks have already mowed their lawns multiple times.

    It was fun and interesting to travel by car from NH to NC and DE. We could see the Spring Season gradually progress as we drove southward through various States along the way. It was equally fun and interesting to watch the Spring Season progress backwards as we drove northward on our return trip back to NH. And quite honestly, I was thrilled to see that upon our return there were still remnants of snow on north-facing slopes and on the mountaintops. I'm a huge fan of the brief Spring/Summer seasons that we experience in northern New Hampshire! There is no place like home, and the White Mountains of NH are truly one heck of a nice "home"!

    If you are interested in reading a brief account of my journey down south, and seeing a few more photos, then simply click HERE to be whisked away to my Blog!

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