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    Default Job Opening!

    Hi folks,

    Are you a "techie" with a sense of adventure? Are you up for a one-of-a-kind challenge? If so, give this a look...

    Mount Washington Observatory is seeking an individual with a well-rounded background in technology to join our mountaintop crew as a Weather Observer/I.T. Specialist.

    The Weather Observer/I.T. Specialist (job description, PDF) is the individual primarily responsible for the Observatory's technology-related tasks on the summit of Mount Washington during his/her shift. He/she completes projects and responds to problems in cooperation with other individuals within the organization. Duties involve software, hardware, wireless radio technologies, voice (including digital phone systems) and data networking. The ideal candidate will not possess deep knowledge in only one particular area; he/she will come to the Observatory familiar with a broad range of concepts and technologies. In this case, we value breadth of knowledge over depth of knowledge.

    He/She will be trained to be a weather observer and will join one of the two teams of individuals that collect weather data around the clock at the summit of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, one of the planet's most extreme places. The principal work location for this position, both on- and off-duty and for the entirety of its eight-day work week, is this unique mountaintop weather station.

    To Apply for the Weather Observer ? Information Technology Specialist position:

    Please submit the following materials via email (as .doc or .pdf files) to Ken Rancourt, Director of Summit Operations by May 22, 2011:

    • Cover letter

    • Resume

    • Three references, with both current email address and phone contact information. Applications without references attached will not be considered.

    Please email application materials to

    Please pass this on if you have anyone in mind for this unique opportunity.

    Scot Henley
    MWO Executive Director

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    What a great position for someone! Let the resume flow in.
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    After a somewhat frustrating day at work today this seems even more tempting than it normally would. Not exactly sure how the family would feel about it though. If I had to describe my dream job in dream location this would be at the top of the list though. There may be a couple of my friends that are qualified that are in a better situation to take advantage of this. I'll definitely pass it on to them!

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    I just got back in town and saw this on the website... sent the resume in...hope it wasn't too late, I'd kill for a job like that more oriented with a hobby I love... Hope I wasn't too late!
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