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Thread: little bouldering Joshua Tree Natl Park

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    Default little bouldering Joshua Tree Natl Park

    Well nothing to do with Mt Wash but defintley a rock pile....

    The trail was lost palm oasis trail 3.4 miles each way with minimal < 1000' elevation

    but we added on an extra mile or so side trip on the way back to climb up this peak

    which was called Masterdon Peak maybe 5000'

    Now here is a nice view of the actual palm oasis

    and here is me walking in the bottom of the canyon

    and my exit route

    Then a lake?? way of in the distance from the trail on the way out

    finally a nice little sunset after descending that side peak to end the day

    I'll try to post some more pics from Mt. Whitney and/or Yosemite when I head over that way.....


    BTW I hope you all are enjoying the blooming alpine garden flowers in up there in beautiful New Hampshire! I'm already looking forward to my annual December time up there and l'lll be seeing you all out on the trail once that ice starts to form again
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