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Thread: New Fundraising thoughts...and yours

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    Default New Fundraising thoughts...and yours

    ...Is it just me, or am I the only one who misses being able quickly scan the list of Seek the Peakers and see how everyone is doing on fundraising. Sorting the list and comparing how I was doing against the masters was part of the fun.

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    I'm with you Chris. It was nice to see the whole list at a glance. Now, with having to click on each hiker's name, I check each person's progress much less frequently. It just takes too much time. Wish there was an option to view all at once.

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    Default New Seek the Peak site

    Hi guys! I've actually heard from a few hikers stating they miss the layout we've had in prior years, and to be honest I agree with you. For that layout you had our great webmaster to thank! Given the growth of the event we really had to move to an event management software, which is greatly improving the behind the scenes management of Seek the Peak, but the hiker tally functionality is not an option with this product. Cara is currently working with the company to determine if customizing the product is feasible for us, so stay tuned!

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