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Thread: A Beginning and Ending on Mt. Washington (10-June-2011)

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    Default A Beginning and Ending on Mt. Washington (10-June-2011)

    Although my friend Marty and I both feel a slight twinge of guilt when we do this, once every so often we will treat ourselves by driving to the top of Mt. Washington and launching a hike from the top. I suppose you could think of it as a top-down approach, rather than the more traditional bottom-up method. Our qualms about using the Auto Road are somewhat mitigated by reminding ourselves that over our individual hiking careers, we have used the traditional manner for hiking to all the NH 4K peaks (including Mt. Washington), and have hiked to countless other mountains over the years.

    And so, this past Friday (10-June) Marty and I did what could be coined as a modified loop hike which began and ended at the Mt. Washington summit. Shown below is a map of our 5-mile route.

    Throughout the course of our trek, we saw some marvelous displays of wildflowers. The photo below shows an attractive collage of wildflowers, lichens, mosses, sedges which was skillfully created by Mother Nature.

    Although not nearly as creative as Mother Nature's composition, shown below is a collage of my photos of some of the wildflowers we saw during the course of our hike. Of the ones that I remember, we saw: Alpine Bluet, Alpine Azalea, Bog Laurel, Bunchberry, Diapensia, Labrador Tea, Mountain Aven.

    Besides the wildflowers, there were the visual treats of mountain vistas throughout the day. Shown below is one such scene. It's the classic view of Mt. Monroe as seen over Lakes of the Clouds.

    If you're interested in seeing a few more photos and reading a bit more narrative about our adventure, then please click HERE to access my Blog.
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