Didn't get a chance to post about our hike!

On Memorial day, we went up on the Ammonoousc. Weather was nice, it was the only sunny and not overly hot day we had that week. We met up with a really cool father-son duo....the father at first look tired, but they flew up and down. Wish we had the energy

Very few people were at the summit...which we thought odd...usually it was crowded. Then again, we usually go on Memorial weekend. My bf and I took out of New England Revolution scarves* and showed 'em off. (actually had to take the picture twice, a woman was sitting near the sign, and on the first shot, grabbed the bf's scarf and read it. I should have invited her to a game )

Hiked down Jewell. Lovely as always, though I was getting tired and fell 5x. Ikes, only my pride was hurt. Total hike time 7hr 40 mins.

Few day later on my birthday, we tried to hike up My Waumbek, only I was feeling ill, and the bf's legs hurt, so we had to abandon that hike We'll be back in the fall

*funny story about those scarves....since it's not hiking related, I'll post in off topic