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Thread: Trustee Brad Bradstreet in a Kilt?

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    Default Trustee Brad Bradstreet in a Kilt?

    OK, folks... Here's the deal.

    MWO Trustee and active forum participant Brad Bradstreet is the captain of a Seek the Peak hiking team. His team is the "Kilted Clan", and is comprised of a bunch of very active forums participants and veteran Seek the Peak hikers. The thing that makes the Kilted Clan unique is the fact that most of them actually hike in KILTS. Not the tartan plaid, Scottish Highlands, bagpiper style... no, they hike in kilts that are specially-designed for hiking. Why do they hike in kilts you ask? I'll leave that to them to answer!

    The problem is that Brad does not have a kilt. He won't be in a kilt at STP. He refuses to wear a kilt. Meanwhile, he's the captain of the kilt team. Not cool.

    Brad Bradstreet needs to be in a kilt.

    So here's the challenge... Brad told me the other day that he will only hike in a kilt as a result of some large gifts to his STP fundraising efforts. How big? "Not a few hundred or a thousand... I need bigger," he said. Apparently, $5,000 will get him thinking about the kilt, and more will make it happen.

    He called me out on my Facebook page and said that I couldn't raise the money. He publicly challenged me. So it's on.

    Brad's current fundraising total is $1,500. Let's crush that number. Our Board has received this challenge, and so has 11,000 people on Facebook as well. I want to see a member of the Mount Washington Observatory Board of Trustees stand on a stage in front of 600 people and profess his love for this institution... while wearing a kilt.

    Give today at and feel free to pass this along!

    It should be noted that as a Trustee, Brad is not eligible for the STP prize drawings... this is all for the good of the cause.

    Thanks, everyone! And yes, we will post photos.

    Scot Henley
    Executive Director
    Mount Washington Observatory
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