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Thread: Master hiker list page - with fundraising totals - now live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BanjoChris View Post

    I think that is why nothing in worn under a kilt...everything is flame hardened!
    Well then...thank you for clarifying for me.
    It's always been a question I had...BUTT I really didn't WANT to know the answer....Now I'm scarred for life and will NEVER hike behind any of you...any of you NEVER

    I will now formal hand in my resignation as "Offical Kilt Inspector" but, I would like to remain as "ThePrez" without the beenies depending on how you look at that....

    Are there pockets on Kilts? And who can I hand in my resignation to at STP?? I still LOVE you guys, all of you even the ones who aren't brave enough to wear a know who you are Brad
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