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    We are in the final days of fun fundraising for Seek The Peak 2011. The team concept seems to be working well allowing folks to help others achieve higher levels of donations than they probably would have alone.

    I am the Team Captain of the Kilted Clan team. 6 of the 8 members hike in kilts - and I am not one of them. The leader of the Kilted Clan does not wear a kilt? Folks have thought this was just not right.

    So, the Kilted Challenge is in its last few days to get me into a kilt. If my fundraising total or the team's total gets a "significant donation" (and I am the only judge of what is significant), I will go to the Awards Dinner on STP day wearing a kilt. Yes, I will get a kilt and wear it that night. No one will know whether I am kilted when I arrive as I plan on wearing a long coat hiding the shorts I am wearing - or will there be a kilt under the coat? That will only be revealed at the dinner.

    The Observatory needs our support more than ever. Help the Obs reach it's 2011 STP goal - and our team's goal - and those who want to see me in a kilt (for some reason). Donate to

    The team's overall results can be seen at

    Donate as much as you can since as a Trustee I do not qualify for the prizes and drawings. So, your massive donations will not put me at a different achievement level. But, they will help the Observatory which is what STP is all about - and having fun doing it.

    Get me in a kilt - NOW.
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