This week I started a new job. So last week I decided I was going to get in a bunch of hiking since I hadn't done much in the Whites all year (plus throw in a local hike). Here are the stats from an 8 day period before starting my new job.

822 miles driving to go hiking (this was the number that surprised me the most)
30.5 miles hiking on the mountains
10,440 ft elevation gain
7 summits

7-2-11 Mt. Tecumseh
7-5-11 Mt. Monadnock
7-7-11 Mt. Willey, Mt. Field, & Mt. Tom
7-10-11 North Tripyramid & Middle Tripyramid

Mt. Tecumseh

Mt. Monadnock

Mt. Willey

Mt. Field

Mt. Tom

North Tripyramid

Middle Tripyramid