hi all hope all is well

sooo quick question: got my winter month in NH seacoast all booked now and I'm thinking about a detour on the way home: I-90 to I-87 visit high peaks to miss NYC traffic LOL

Anyways, I know the mountain over there is a tough one for a one dayer.. something like 11 miles each way. OK probably doable with Alpine start, but not really wanting to do an outing like that so I'm curious if any of you know if they have any huts etc, to split it up - even if it is a different approach - or is it just camping ( wasn't palnning to bring any of that gear up north with me as already bringing half the kitchen )... Oh BTW yes I'm comfortable & competent in winter conditions, just usually end up hanging from the two ice tools when if becomes steep cause I'm the worlds laziest frontpointer

thank you in advance

p.s. Sorry I can't think of the name of the main mountain up there off hand.. so if anybody can post the name please do, you know the one that Teddy climbed when he got that phone call - is the highest peak in NY state