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Thread: Black Angel trail & Wild River Wilderness

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    Default Black Angel trail & Wild River Wilderness

    A few of us are interested in doing a backpacking trip in the Wild River Wilderness this October. We would like to start on 16 up the 19MBT (or maybe even up the Imp Trail, over the Carters) and then hike across on the Black Angel trail and finish at Cold River Camp via the Meader Ridge and then down Bicknell Ridge Trail. Anyone hiked the Black Angel trail lately? Any input on its difficulty? I read the guide book and it sounds like the first section off the top of Hight is rough. I heard there could be some blow-downs on this trail too, any word if they're still there and how it could impact finding the trail? How crowded is this trail on the weekends? What are the stream crossings like? I learned the Spruce Brook and Blue Brook Shelters have been removed, but could we still tent in these areas? (Has the Spider Bridge been removed too?) Which decommissioned shelter area would you recommend camping at more?

    I have not been on the Black Angel trail, whatever personal feedback you can provide about this trail would be great!

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