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    Default Fire Wardens Trail & Other Unmarked Trails

    I am extremely intrigued by those who bushwhack to accomplish their hiking lists. It seems intuitive to me, if you keep going up you should eventually find the summit, but coming back down, I imagine, that is the tricky part. How do you know where exactly you are going, when/where you should turn?

    I did Mendon Peak with someone who had bushwhacking experience who was completing his NE 100 highest list. We were very careful about it using a map and compass, with assistance of a GPS. Needless to say I was nervous about being out of bounds having read "Not Without Peril" and just meeting up with Ted O'Brien at Wilderness first aid class after he was lost in the woods. I am not about to go bushwhacking by myself and/or without prior knowledge- I do not want to be another WMNF static.

    So when I see actual trails that are unmarked like the "Fire Wardens Trail" off Hale ( I want to know what it's like. I did hike a little ways down and saw the beautiful birches and ferns, but I didn't know at the time where it went so I went back. Is this trail easy to follow? How many people use it? Why isn?t it on the map?

    I have seen a bunch of old abandoned logging roads off some trails (A-Z trail, Garfield trail, etc) where do these go? Does anyone know where trail goes past the log bench on the summit of Mt Tom? How many other nameless summit trails are there in the WMNF?
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