My family and I were up North in Pittsburg for the weekend and came home after lunch Sunday during the storm. On the way by (around 3pm) I decided to stop at the Basin to see how much water was flowing through it. Of course the river wouldn't be at its peak yet, but it was still an impressive sight. One of the most impressive things about it was hearing the rocks/boulders tumbling in the water that made it sound like thunder coming down from on the mountain.

Looking down into the basin from the view point above.

The main walkway with water flowing over it. Notice how high the water is up the railing next to the actual basin.

Foot bridge above the main basin that was shaking from the force of the water. I figured this bridge wouldn't make the length of the storm.

Flowing next to the bike path.

Flowing over the foot path, good thing there is another way around.

Comparison photos.