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    i'm not sure who was working at the obs museum on Sept 27th but she made my wife's trip. we hiked up to the summit early that morning (topped out at 8am). after enjoying the view for an hour or two we went looking for Marty. no sight of him anywhere so we went to ask at the museum. the intern working there thought she might know where he is so we gave her our camera to go take a pic of him. a few minutes later, not only does she have a pic of Marty but here she comes down the stairs with him in her arms. My wife was thrilled!! she not only has a pic of him but got to brush him up as well. he hung out there for a little longer until the first group from the Cog showed up, then he split. lol I just thought i'd say thank you to whoever was working there that morning, you made my better half very happy.

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