Was wondering if any other hikers were able to reach Franconia Ridge on Wednesday, October 5?

We made it well past the hut, I'd guess about .6 mile in to the summit of Mt. Lafayette, but got blasted with sleet and snow for about 10 minutes. When we lost sight of the cairn right in front of us, we made a decision to turn around. The winds were blowing about 40 mph, but no rain. All the way back down Lafayette I was turning the decision around in my head: could we have made it? We were lucky to meet up with a couple of older women (they told us they were in their 60s) who had stopped to make a decision of their own. We talked for a few minutes, filled them in on what was going on 5,000 feet up and they ended up turning around as well. They both looked at us and said: "the mountain's going to be there tomorrow." And they told us about Lonesome Lake.

We found our way to the campground and did the Lonesome Lake trail instead. Not anywhere near the elevation or views we had planned on, but the lake was beautiful.

Hoping to get back to New Hampshire next year to try for the ridge.