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Thread: A Return for Another Peek from Bald Cap Peak

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    Default A Return for Another Peek from Bald Cap Peak

    Sometimes some things are so good that you simply can't resist going back for a second helping. For me, that certain something was the ledges on Bald Cap Peak located near Shelburne, NH. It's an autumn treat that I wanted to get one more taste of, even though I had just visited there 2-weeks prior with my friend Steve.

    I was really happy that I decided to make a return visit. The autumn colors were much richer than before. When I compared photos taken 2-weeks apart of approximately the same views, there was a huge color difference between my two visits to these ledges.

    While at the ledges, I found cairns in addition to those already seen by Steve and I during our visit. As I understand, there was a brief period of time (over a half century ago) when a segment of the Appalachian Trail followed a route over the ledges on Bald Cap Peak. Possibly, these cairns are the leftovers from that routing.

    As already mentioned in one of my Blogs, getting to the ledges on Bald Cap Peak involves a bushwhack. For this trek, the approach was completely different from the frontal "attack" used for a similar adventure 2-weeks earlier. This time, I left the Peabody Brook Trail at a point near the southwest end of Dream Lake and did an easy bushwhack of about a half-mile through open woods.

    After visiting the ledges, I returned to the Peabody Brook Trail and then continued northward along the trail for a brief visit to the viewpoint of Dream Lake at its northern tip. I had a snack, and took a few photos. Then, for the return leg of my hike, I simply followed the Peabody Brook Trail back to the trailhead.

    If you have recently been to Dream Lake via the Peabody Brook Trail, then you already know that beaver activity has created a large pool of water in the middle of the trail. Fortunately, there is a workaround via a mini-bushwhack through the adjacent woods.

    To sum it up, although I went back for a "second-helping" of the ledges on Bald Cap Peak, I don't feel overstuffed. I'm just pleasantly full!

    (PLEASE NOTE: Additional Photos from this trek may be found at my Blog (Click HERE.)

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