Hi Everyone,

I am looking for suggestions for a hike in January/February in the White Mountains.

We have hiked up to the summit of Mt Washington 4 times in the dead of winter on Ammonoosuc, Lion Head/Tuckermans and we were thinking of taking a longer hike this time around.

Two hikes in mind are the Great Golf Trail and the Presi Traverse.

Reading up on the Great Golf Trail it definitely seems doable barring avalanche warnings. Do you think we need ropes or anything else to get up above the head wall?

The Presi Traverse is intriguing and depending on the weather we might give that a shot. We do not have experience camping on the mountain in the middle of winter but i dont think it would be a problem as long as we can get below tree line to do it.

If we do end up venturing on the Presi Traverse well definitely familiarize ourselves with the escape routes in case the weather goes down hill.

Itll be a crew of 4 guys all in good shape (well by the time the hike comes up we'll all be back in good shape

Any input would be greatly appreciated!