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Thread: Black Mountain (Lower Summit, Jackson) 11/19/11

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    Default Black Mountain (Lower Summit, Jackson) 11/19/11

    View from the Lower Summit

    Black Mountain (Lower Summit) 2757'

    East Pasture Trail/ Black Mountain Cabin Trail

    6 Miles 1200 +/- Elevation gain

    Kevin, Judy, Emma and Blue

    We took another leisurely, low-altitude day on a hike to the lower summit of Black Mountain in Jackson. We were blessed with a beautiful Indian Summer day as we made the trek along the East Pasture Trail which is a well maintained fire road and part of the Jackson Cross Country Ski Touring Trails. Warm temps and sunshine and virtually no wind made the hike feel like early autumn rather than late November. Great Brook runs beside much of the trail and the sound of its trickling cascades was a s soothing as the warm sun. There are a few pastures along the trail that offer good local views and are filled with ancient apple trees.

    Carter Notch

    Along the way I noticed a short trail leading west and I followed it to an old grave marker. I wonder if it was a homesteader who maybe had planted the apple trees? At any rate, he chose a beautiful spot for his final resting place. Not far past there we came to the Black Mountain Cabin Loop and headed up. Taking the counter-clockwise direction we came to the summit lookout first where we had lunch before descending to the cabin. The partial views from here were gorgeous and it made us think how nice they might be if we were standing on six feet of snow!

    Trail Dogs

    After eating we dropped down to the cabin where we found the view to Mount Washington was maybe even better than the view from the summit. there were some occupants there for the night so we got to poke around inside and see the set up. We maybe staying a night or two this winter! After our short visit we made our way back up in a counter-clockwise loop to the East Pasture Trail which we followed back down, stopping again at the pastures along the way. A nice gentle day out on a beautiful afternoon in the mountains. Tough to beat!

    View from Black Mountain Cabin

    We also made a quick loop of Echo Lake earlier in the day.

    White Horse Ledge Reflected in Echo Lake

    Full set of pics HERE:


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    GREAT SHOTS especially that one of white horse ledge... as always thanks for sharing : )

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    Nice report and photos Kevin! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing Kevin...

    I can never get a good picture of White Horse to reflect like that. Try, try again...... : )

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