In planning ahead for upcoming hikes, I had thought about riding my bike to the trailheads on some of the roads that are closed for winter since there still isn't much snow. Would this be considered cheating though when it comes to qualifying for completing the 4000 footers? I would be hiking the same trails, just parking the bike at the trailhead. I looked to see what the rules are about this. The rules seem to speak more to logging roads than driving roads, but here they are:

The increased popularity of mountain bikes makes it necessary to come up with some sort of policy. Please remember that this is a club for hikers; not that we object to trail bikes per se, but we want to preserve the tradition of climbing on foot, not on bikes. In winter we have absolutely forbidden the use of snowmobiles, even when a road is passable to ordinary cars in summer. However, a similar policy on trail bikes seems a bit excessive. Therefore we suggest that we all attempt to live by the following standard:
It is acceptable to use bikes on logging roads that are:
  • not part of an officially maintained trail and

  • legally open to the general public for car/truck travel on the day of the trip and

  • fairly easily passable to an average four-wheel-drive vehicle (not an ATV) without "heroic measures" such as winches. (If you think a jeep might not make it, then please walk.)

The second point is what is making me think the most. The road wouldn't technically be open on that day, but most of the year it is. The rules do point out that you can ride to a trailhead instead of driving your car. What does everyone else think?