I bought a camelbak bladder for my hiking pack this summer and also got the tube that allows you to bend it in the directions you want and has a little insulation. With how good this tube kept things cool in the summer, I was hoping it would keep things from freezing in the winter. I have found out I was wrong. On the Hancocks the tube froze and I thawed it out in my jacket. After that, blowing air back into the tube kept if from freezing back up. Later in the week on Waumbek, it was frozen within a mile even with trying to blow air back into the tube after noticing some slush. On Monadnock a couple days later it froze most of the way up after a long period of no use while at the top. I had to struggle just to get a little liquid through.

Has anyone else had better luck with theirs, or do they have a tube that works better? I don't really want to have to use warm liquids while hiking just to keep drinking and I like the ergo bend on the valve. Camelbak has another tube I think with insulation, but it doesn't look any thicker than what I have. Any ideas?