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Thread: Madison, Adams, JQA, and Star-the-Madison-Moose

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    Default Madison, Adams, JQA, and Star-the-Madison-Moose

    Early this week, it appeared that either Wednesday or Thursday would be a Presi Day. Today was it. 1/26/2012 - Madison / Adams/ JQA via Valley Way, Gulfside and Airline. Carried snowshoes, wore microspikes to the hut and crampons for the rest of the day (until below the Durand Ridge trail junction.) This was a Hiker Ed trip, including Ron, Craig, Ed, Wolfgang, and myself. We took our time, joked, listened to Ed's stories, and had an overall very enjoyable day above treeline.

    The Howks on Howker Ridge, World-famous hiker emerges from the trees

    I have to say that while I am looking forward to the stability of a new job, I will not enjoy the view of four cubicle walls. I have several more days of freedom, however, and I mean to use them!

    The Mahoosucs and into Maine, Adams dwarfing Star Lake

    Madison was my first winter Presi, back in 2008, and I still love how it book-ends the range, allowing for 270 degree views without anything immediately below it. Today we could see as far as Saddleback in Maine (MWO OBS said 100 miles this morning.) As usual, the wind was northwest, but very light, and sitting just over the top on the Pinkham side was extremely comfortable at about 26 degrees.

    Great Gulf nestled below Washington, World-famous hiker enjoying the views

    Over to Adams via Gulfside, we ascending via the snowfields to cut down on the rocks. The breeze here was a bit stronger, but still not a wind, at 15-20. Again, dropping below the summit to gaze into the Great Gulf was very comfortable and we had our extended lunch break.

    On the return to Madison Hut, eagle-eyed Wolfgang spotted something brown on a white patch of snow nestled in the spruce above the hut. We'd walked withing 100' of this spot on our ascent of Madison, and after a few minutes of poking around, I got to meet her.

    Star, the Madison Hut Moose

    All photos


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    Nice pics! Looked like a great day to be up on the Presi's. Good luck with your new job!

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    Nice pics. Madison the moose was there when my wife and I hiked up there in Sept.

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    Definitely a Presidential day! I see you're raising your latitude and altitude. Keep knocking off those peaks!

    Can't believe that Star is still up there now. Figured she'd head down once winter was here. Guess it's been mild enough even for her.

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