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Thread: Mt. Washington, 30 Years Later.

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    Trish, all I can really say is Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. What a huge accomplishment this is to your whole family in so many ways, congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing here with us.

    Fears and anxiety can be such a weight on a persons life and keep them from doing and acheiving. Like watching life go by through a window sometimes, always the spectator and never the player.

    I'm happy to see that you are bringing the girls past that.

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    Absolutely Incredible!

    What a remarkable display of courage, and to write about it so eloquently is even more impressive. Well done!

    Ever since my son, Hunter, and I met you and your girls crossing a stream on the Avalon Trail back in August of 2008 I have been thrilled to follow your accomplishments.

    That was a day that Hunter and I were headed to Avalon and Field. It is a day that we will never forget. We turned back due to a most impressive hail storm and lightning show. We literally ran back to the Highland Center. I was scared! At the base, Hunter had shown concern about the woman with the two young kids. I told him not to worry and mentioned that the woman had a whole lot of gear with her and was prepared for anything.

    My son is in his first year of college now and I him miss tremendously. I feel as though I have lost my hiking partner.

    What we have learned out on the trail together we use in our everyday life.

    I applaud you and your girls for everything that you have achieved.

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    Kathy, thank you for your kind post. I appreciate your thoughtful words.

    Doug -- that day was, by far, the worst day we've ever had on the trails. We were a couple tenths of a mile from the summit when that storm formed right over our heads. That day is the subject of the first chapter of UP; it's titled, "Some Things Will Always Be Beyond Your Control." That day was the only time I've ever felt we were in serious danger. Even now, the three of us CANNOT STAND thunderstorms.

    I remember you and Hunter at the crossing and was pleased to "meet" you here on these forums afterward. Thanks for following our journey. I hope we see you in person again sometime.

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    I'm Bumping this up to this forum so that I can give you all a link to where Patricia, Alex and Sage are right now.

    Please don't feel that I'm fundraising or plugging multiple charities, or trying to take anything away from this home forum.


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