What will be the highest temperature recorded at the summit on the Daily F6 report for April 2012?

1. All answers must be in whole integers
2. One submission per forum ID
3. There can be no duplicates. If an answer has been taken, the second answerer will be ignored
4. If the proper answer is not selected by anyone, the winner will be the closest guesser whose number is numerically lower than the actual answer. In other words, don't go too far hot or you will be left out in the cold
5. Any attempt to alter the summit temperature is not allowed
6. Bribing the Night Observer is allowed, but that can not influence the temperature readings
7. All guesses must be submitted here on this forum in proper English by the silent stroke of midnight on March 31st
8. The official source of data is the Daily F6 as published on the Observatory's web site. It is the only source that will be considered
9. Employees of any organization with "Washington" in its name will be given special consideration and will be allowed to enter.

May the April games begin!