Advise please! We are looking to do the Carters next weekend. We are looking at doing an out and back, starting on the 19 mile brook tr. We could do the loop coming out on the Imp Tr, but not looking to spot a car, hitch, or have a long road walk. HOWEVER, the more I poke around, the more I hear that we could cut across on the way down on the Imp Tr, cross over Cowboy brook, and bushwack back to a more reasonable distance near the 19 mile brook trailhead.

Since I have never bushwacked before, and am very comfortable staying on a marked trail, is this a reasonable bushwack? I figure worse case scenario we would have to come back out on one of the two trails or route 16 eventually if we mess up. Which isn't preferable!

We've been hiking for years, and are working on finishing the 4K's. We've been in all conditions, all seasons, and all elevations and distances so far. I'm almost thinking it's time to try a bushwack, just to see if they are something we can consider in the future on some of the 'long hauls'.

I've checked many trip reports and maps of the bushwack, so know approximately where we would need to do this. I haven't hiked these trails before though, so I don't really know this are. Is there an easy place to do this, or just head into the woods once we think it's right?

New to the wack, please share your knowledge and stories, or possibly a TR or two. The 4000 footer book only lists it as a loop from IMP, and I hate trying to figure things in reverse.

Just looking for a share. Thanks!