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Thread: South and Middle Carter Bushwack??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Addicted View Post
    That's great! Thanks for the insight. Sounds like 19 MBT will be a nice decent at the end of the day. And the flowers are always a nice touch ; ) Thanks again for the info. I can read all the trail descriptions out there, but I find that a first hand account from someone that's done the same hike lately is always nice and reassuring. We have all the 'long' or 'multiple' hikes left on the list, so there's no real easy going left!
    I'm in the same boat. It seems that each hike I do lately is getting longer and longer. Just means I will soon get through the list if all goes well in the upcoming couple weeks.

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    Thanks guys, this helped me answer a question that I now don't have to ask. We're planning to do the 'Cats and Carters on Mon/Tue this week (with an overnight at the hut). Leaving the car at PNVC so there is a road walk (or hitchhike) coming no matter what, but coming down Imp and using Dodge Cutoff is definitely now the plan. Keeping our fingers crossed that the forecast stays as good as it is now! Thanks for all the tips...

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