The four of us hiked up on June 9th. Was a rather windy day....we guessed 50 mps winds? I think that is what the models said.

We went up the Ammo, love that trail. Good thing about the bugs! Took a break at Lakes of the Clouds, where we decided not to get Monroe...this time. One of the volunteers at the Hut, Josh, was very friendly and happy to see hikers.

Summit was lovely as always, we played in the corner where the high winds are . Sadly, no sign of Marty this time. Understandable, as there was a good number of people.

We down on the Jewell the rearrange the trail after Irene? We got a bit lost at the end....ended up at the Ammo Trail head. Opps. I think walking on the road was the hardest part (though I did twist my knee and ankle on this hike.)

Now, some pix:


Ammo going up and my snow leopard chillin' at Lakes.

Awesome time up. On our last day, we saw Luna moths! I had never seen them before. I think I posted a pic to my Facebook account...none of the ones I took with my camera came out well.

Already looking forward to my Fall trip....hoping to get 3 more 4000ers.